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About Me

    As someone who has been involved in entertainment and performance full-time for over twenty five years, I'm a bit hard pressed to recall how it all started....when I got  "the bug".  I would have to say it goes back to my sterling performance in a kindergarten production of  "The Three Billy Goats Gruff ". Yep, that's where and when !

        Since then I have had the good fortune to have toured the U.S. and overseas, visit some incredible, beautiful spots on the globe and work with some pretty great people. As I have grown and progressed as a person and as a performer, I have come to appreciate more the opportunities I have had over the years. To think that it all began in elementary and choir, the occasional class production. I have seen how important and beneficial the arts in our schools have been, and continue to be.

    From this auspicious start I have been involved with variety production shows, theater, music videos, print, commercial and industrial videos, voice-overs and emcee work. Currently living in the Cleveland, Ohio area (born and raised), I am available for the short-term or long-term gig, or the one day project.